bro this account looks bad u/c


hi honey , i hope you're having a lovely day so far . just a reminder that i love you so much . and if you ever feel alone , useless , or hurt—
          whatever it may be , i'm always here for you to 
          talk to . i'll be waiting with open arms . you're
          one of the most beautiful people i've ever seen ,
          and just by looking at your account , i want to 
          be a better version of myself . you've influenced so many lives , and you've made
          the people around you smile . including me .
          this cold , bitter world would be even worse if it wasn't for your beautiful smile to make everything better . make sure you're eating well , and that you're staying healthy for me .
          i love you so much , cutie . ࿐
          * offers a wide grin , reaching out to hand you a rose *