Hey~*smiles creepily before cracking up🤣*

I see you have clicked on my profile and were curious about me. Curious no more you shall be! Welcome to my circus show where I entertain the hell out of myself starting with jumping off roofs like an acrobat, to almost getting into a car crash because of my impulsiveness. But that's not the point, is it? Let's get to know me better. Ahem, I like to watch anime, read books, read Quran(please be offended, islamophobes😃), and eat whatever is in my vicinity. Yea, I really said "introvert". Anywho, most of the time I sound like an asylum patients but sorry to break the news to you, that is just how I act. Now, how do I put this without offending anyone? Right, now what is this bs? "Somali cultural activities consist primarily of poetry, folk dancing, the performance of plays, and singing." Call me an uncultured swine but I never knew this about me-

Enough of that, some authors you should go check out(or else😊🪓) are @angelapoppe and @sunshinehues. They are wonderful authors and if I hear otherwise, I'm going to yeet you to the opposite side of pluto.


somebody give some recommendations for I am running dangerously low on manhwa's like "Who Made Me A Princess."🥲
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