Hi! I finished recently and really enjoyed the book Golden Prison and your art accompanying it!
          The story was worth all the time I had to translate it and really got my emotions!
          Also I must say, I saw an art piece you did with the newdream, cassarian and ari all happy and once I read the end of the book I’m happy to say I was still  more then satisfied with the ending! It was very sad, BEAUTIFUL and bittersweet. It honestly is a masterpiece in the pacing, narration and goals. 
          It stayed true and the fallen heroes and villains all got what was coming to them in ways expected and unexpected!
          Thank you for your story! 


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Hi! Do you know if or when you are going to undate the English version of Lealtad Mortal?


@kaede02mangaka ok thank you for letting me know


@ Hope1234658907652341  Hi, honestly I can't say. I'm pretty busy and I don't have enough time to translate it. Maybe later or maybe I can find some help idk