♥~Pacifica Is Best Bleach Blonde Valley Girl Stereotype ~♥

Hi, I'm Kat! It rhymes with mat, bat, sat, lat, vat...anyway, I'm off subject. I am 13 years old as of August 31st this year. I share the same birthday as Dipper and Mabel! Yay!

I am in quite a few fandoms, but I'm mostly a Faller. And like everyone else, I cried at the finale. Poor Pacifica can only have one pony now...

I don't know if you could tell, but Pacifica is my favourite Gravity Falls character. That was sarcasm, by the way. Second favourites are Dipper and Mabel, because they're amazing little cupcakes. I love cupcakes...off topic again!

Um, so I'm here because fanfiction! I love writing it, reading it, all of it! Adventure, romance, X Reader, I don't care! Just gimme your fanfics! I also read your books if you ask me too a lot as well :3

Sending Smile Dip, llamas and pine trees,
~ Kat_Northwest
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