If you missed it the Wattys winners were announced last week! The Wattys are so much more than an award. They're a celebration of what it takes to tell stories. We’re proud to announce this year’s best: the winners of the 2020 Watty Awards!  Get to know the stories so incredibly worthy of Wattpad’s most coveted prize ✨ #Wattys2020→


@keelykundell glad you enjoyed it!


@keelykundell it's a lot of work to even finish a story. So many great stories to read over the holidays and in 2021. Thanks for the podcast as well—it was great.


Hi! I noticed in the story description of some writers that they have a spotify playlist on their story description (on top of table of contents and rankings). I also wanna add my spotify playlist to my story description so how do you access that feature?


Hi there, I’m so sorry to disturb you but this is really important and related to the 2021 Watty Award.
          I recently submitted my story Playing with Fire to the Wattys, and marked it as ‘Steamy’ on the sexual content, indicating it has intimate touching and kissing. However as soon as I submitted the form, that option changed itself to ‘No sexual content’. 
          Could you tell me whether this will disqualify my book from the Wattys? And if so, how can it be changed back?
          I’ve tried unpublishing all the chapters and seeing if the form will reopen, but it won’t unfortunately.
          I’m really stressed and upset about this. Understandably, I believe my story deserves a chance to be considered in the Wattys this year, and I will be devastated if it doesn’t even get judged because of an error with the submission form.
          Please get back to me as soon as possible, any advice you have would be much appreciated.
          Thank you in advance, 
          June Seaford


Hey there , so this is the thing , I actually have entered one of my book for Wattpad's editor's choice and I would love to hear suggestions from your side (as a Wattpad member) to improve my book and it's eligibilities !
          Sorry if I have disturbed you but still , trying is what I can keep doing and I hope to hear from you !


Hi Keely! 
          I am new to this Wattpad platform and I do not have much readers to read my stories. If you have some time, please give my stories a chance. I would really appreciate your kindness. And I'm sorry I don't mean to intrude, well but if I do, feel free to delete this and ignore me and you'll immediately be obliviated.
          I hope its not too much to ask.
          Stay safe ❤️


First, I will like to say I really admire your quick responses to people's messages. Thanks a lot for that.
          I am a new writer on Wattpad, I have just written a book so far. Please spear me some time by checking it out. It really would mean a lot to me, thanks.
          Here is the link.


Hi!! I Am Anshika and I am from India and this is my newest poem "IDENTITY" , please check it out and let me know your feelings about it. 
          I wrote this poem while I was trying to figure some things about my sexuality and as I was learning to be more of myself, I realized that I can also write about it and about how hiding a part of me made me feel alienated at times in the society. I HOPE THAT MY STORY CAN HELP OTHERS TO SHARE THEIR OWN STORY OR SURVIVE WHATEVER THEY ARE GOING THROUGH.
          Here Is The Link:



@keelykundell Thankyou❤
            Please do vote if you loved it so that I am able to reach more people 


@wittycat29 it's a lovely poem! Keep being your authentic self.