and others. . . 
          	To the others, let me explain what this tag is about. I've been leaving a note on the message board of others that says this: 
          	What a lovely compliment to have my work, Attending Harvard with Austin, in your reading list. Your support for others is kindly appreciated. My best of luck to your successful works, I know you'll grow in this wattpad community soon having the opportunity to become a wattpad star. But, you're my wattpad star even now love ❤ 
          	Today I got a reply that had my two beautiful writer's mentioned at the top of this note sad.
          	For one, they were disappointed that my message had been re-posted on others message boards when they thought I had only written it for them. My heart broke a little reading that so I know I have to explain myself to all of you my loves. 
          	My explanation below this post ⬇


I honestly don't mind at all and I didn't need an explanation! It's nice to know that I've been reduced down to a generic message. I don't need a compliment that's "special and different." I only asked for the truth. 
          	  No hate, only love ❤️❤️


So hey. I read that you are a cheerleader and I KNOW just how much stereotyped cheerleaders are in books and it kinda brainwashed some part of me...
          ...but you're ohmf you ARE A REALLY sweet person! I'm glad you found me here and made me feel a lil bit better about the world <3