heyyy, it's me again!!! I just wanna say that your book is amazing, like otherworldly amazing. yiu have made me feel so many different emotions through drea and all of her life experiences. 
          you are wonderfully and amazingly talented and I couldn't have asked for a better harry potter fanfic book EVER. yours is truly the best! 
          (this is my third time reading it in the past 3 years and I can say that I gives me the same giddy feeling that I got the first time I read it) 


Your book Green Eyed Monster is the best fanfiction I have ever read. I wish it could be made into a movie. This book made me laugh, cry, get angry and smile. I don't think a book has ever touched this many emotions while reading it. I found it hard to put it down to handle things in my life. Thank you for writing it and really hope you write another one soon!


You book was amazing. I couldn’t stop reading it. The relationship’s between everyone was beautifully done. It kept pulling at my emotions over and over again. I usually don’t like Draco fanfics but your was so good.  I do hope you create another Harry Potter twin one(hope she still have red hair and becomes a magical creature lover like Newt Scamander) . If you do make another can she fall in with Fred (this story just had me wanting a Fred romance from you) and can she be a Metamorphmagus. I can just see how the Dursley would treat her with her unable to control her hair color and how protective Harry will become over her. 


I don’t/ haven’t ever wrote to a author after reading a book, but this book was so well written and powerful that I just had to! This was easily the best book I have read in such a long time and that’s saying a lot! So , thank you for creating such a beautiful piece and I hope to read more of you’re works in the future , whether it be ok here or a published book!