Play mortal kombat 11, cobra kai etc.
Writer, Poet, and lover of great stories. I love to write Urban Fiction. Drama,comedy and romance are my loves.
My Bipolar Ex Boyfriend Book 1 is my first published book and its funny, quirky, and amazing!

I have been writing since I was thirteen.
I love old classic music from 90s, 80s, 70s, 60ssss!.
If it sounds good I am listening.
I do listen to current music but only if I think it's good for my taste.

I am a 90s baby and aquarius. mY favorite color and blue and I really love banana pudding and pepperoni pizza.
I also love Dragon Ball and Inuyasha!.

I love South park, American dad, and watching youtube reactions.
I'm watching old reruns of are you afraid of the dark from Nick and Goosebumps.
Goosebumps did not scare me as much as a kid like ayaotd cuz it was alot of creepy stuff and clowns ugh.
F clowns like It lol! I still watch the tv show episodes and watched all IT movies lol.
I love playing the sims and Im waiting on 5 to come out because I'm buying it. I play it on laptop and playstation. I bought sims 4 expansion actress life and its dope!.
Thanks for visiting!
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