Look alive people! I'm back at writing my Were series! I've found some inspiration. I think I might've overcome a bit of the dreaded block. I hope you all are excited.


@laurenhouser908 Very much so! And I am feeling like I'm in the middle of a training field ready to "look alive "  


Hello! I’ve came to let you know that I have just recently got an account. I was wondering if you’ll be interested to follow. On my account I am mostly just going to be writing reviews of people’s books. 
          I’m open to reviewing one of your books too. I think it would just be a cool idea to have people come on a page and find book recommendations and get recognition as a book writer. 
          If you are not comfortable with me asking you this, i will delete this message. In no way shape or form do I want to be disrespectful towards you or your fan base. 
          If you want to enter in one of your books to be reviewed you can just go to the chapter in my review book called ‘how to submit your book.’ I also ask that if you seriously want to submit a book that you look over the rules I have set in place to make it a more enjoyable time for everyone. 
          Thank you for your time and have a good day