@Mujer_Bendita soon, I promise!! It'll be within this week :) sorry about the wait!! 


cant wait for any updates to come!! i love your work and you bring the characters to life like its nothing!! wish i had you talent and skills that you show on the platform!! i hope you continue your writing and please keep me posted!!


@lex_marie8, I am very much disappointed to read “The Alpha’s Hunter” just to figure out that Hailey doesn’t kill Chase. The summary makes it seems as if that would happened, the fact that she gives in and neither of them rejects each other is the main cause. When you wrote this story, what was your intention, a sappy love story or a story where the female character would, in fact, dominate. Though I love a good love story time to time, I cannot stand “The Alpha’s Hunter” due to the way that you deceive the readers.


@cryingoveraguy_nah Hi! I'm sorry to hear you were disappointed by my ending choice. I'd like you to keep in mind, however, that Hailey is a human teenage girl, who is overwhelmed by this undiscovered emotional connection to Chase. While it would definitely be easier for her to resist him than him to resist her (or even kill, rather than just resist), the storyline is purely situational; the pressure and stress on Hailey drove her to Chase. I'm sorry you feel that I've deceived you, but my story is one about two people overcoming stereotypical norms and overcoming an "enemy status". Although you did not like my ending decision, I still appreciate you taking the time to read it!