The one person you ignored that day, died. That one person you frowned at, lost a family member. That person you bullied, already hated life. That person you called names, was already ignored by family/friends. That person you said had no friends, they never got the joy of having someone to talk to as a friend. That person you didn't like, the hated themself. That one person that you walked past, was used to siting alone. That person you never talked to, they were used to not having anyone to talk to. That person that you never helped, was laughed at. That person you could have helped, was bullied. That person you hurt, already cuts themself. That person you were mean to, you never saw them again. That person that was called emotionless, had smiled at you. That person that never showed any emotion, had no tears left to spare. That person that was always quiet, had more to say then you. That person that was always in the back seat, didn't like being looked at because they feel judged. That person that didn't usually smile, they didn't know how anymore. That person that was always grateful and always said thanks, they never got your welcome or and thanks. That person who wasn't grateful, they wish they could have more time with their loved ones. That person who loved to much, put a mask on and was called emotionless. That person who didn't think about what they said, now regret it. That person who didn't have anyone to talk too, were lonely. That person that smiles too much, were sad. That person who was the wisest, are the most damaged. That person who you always had to lean on, had no one. That person who was always there for you, cared enough to not let you suffer alone, are the ones worth keeping. 

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Story by lingshadow1234
Bnha: All might gets de aged  by lingshadow1234
Bnha: All might gets de aged
What if all might gets hit by a quirk that de ages them to their most happy self? (Probably different everyth...
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