happy lovers day


Hey there buddy! How u doing? ignore this if you have absolutely no interest hon.. But would u be kind enough to check out my first book? And perhaps vote and comment what you think about it? It's a Mafia Love story which I'm working really hard on.. I promise it's not cringing or nonsensical and I'll do everything in my power to make the upcoming chapters reach your level of standard..


Hey! I would really appreciate it if we do a follow for follow, and if you want something to read, I have a dark fic called Dern in my profile. Thank you for your time, comment and vote if you like the chapters <33


Hi, I know it might be annoying, but I hope you won't slaughter me for this  below is the description of my new story "17 missed calls" if youre interested, please check it out x 
          Davina Nash is a full-time student who doesn't hestitate when an opportunity to have fun comes her way. She likes to party and spend her money but one day she loses all of it. Desperate for some cash, she decides to start working for a sex phone company, and signs the contract without reading the terms. As her life goes on and her financial situation is stable again, she starts ignoring the incoming calls. Yet she doesn't know that after seventeen missed calls there are some consequences she'll have to face, and they will be much more than just a phone sex.