Hey guys! It's been a while.
          	I don't know if anyone has been truly waiting for me to update the Secret Trio but I'd like to keep you up to speed on my progress. I have a basic idea of how I want things to go but I've been having a hard time putting them in words. I have written some chapters but they are not complete yet. So I hope you guys still have the patience to wait for me. But rest assured, I haven't given up on the book, just really having some difficulties.
          	And just for a little bit of fun, I got tagged by @Taemaru-chan to this challenge. 
          	A.  You must post the rules
          	B.  Say 13 things about yourself
          	C.  If you didn't within a week,  the person who tags you thinks of a punishment. 
          	D. Tag 15 people
          	E. Have a creative title
          	I'm sorry but I'm opting to close my eyes on the most of the rules but here are 8 things about myself. 
          	1. My name is not Samantha but its a special name to me.
          	2. I live in the Philippines.
          	3. I have a boyfie of 7 years but am too embarrassed to share about this thing I have on wattpad. (Is that weird?)
          	3. My favorite anime is Cardcaptor Sakura. (who else loves this anime?)
          	4. My favorite author is Linda Fairstein (does anyone else read her books?)
          	5. I like listening to classical music, hence I follow TwoSet Violin in YT (who else watches them?)
          	6.  If you've read my book you can tell but, I love pineapple on pizza. YUM (Who agrees and disagrees?)
          	7. My favorite TV series is Criminal Minds. (Who else watches this series? And who else loves Spencer?)
          	8.  I'm a Shawol. (who else loves Shinee and who is your bias?)
          	I would love to hear from you all (though I've neglected to answer your messages. I'm so sorry *deep bow*).
          	I'd also like to thank everyone who has read my book. It means to me a lot. *Deep bow of gratitude* But i'd like my love to @JCoffey99 @Brind2y2 @JanetMcMillan2. Hope you haven't given up on me.
          	Again, thank you very much! Keep safe and hearts to you all <3


yes please, Im still waiting for you to update it! i hope you are doing good!!


@lunafreya51 hi.. when do u plan to continue writing the story? Hopefully soon. Tq n take care


@lunafreya51 still waiting for an update  i miss the little trio 


Hi, Hope you are doing good. Any chance of knowing when the secret trio will be updated? I am hooked on the story. I really think the Alena is a mature character and want to see her be independent and strong.