laptop is dead but i have a temporary replacement so back to writing for funsies :)


Hii I really admire your work it really is something good and worth reading. The nerd I disguise really is a good online novel and I hv read it twice with the same excitement and adrenaline rush that I got when  first read it. This really is a good thing about a online book to give the same feeling. I really admire your workmanship and hope you keep writing such great novel and hope that I get to read a hardcover book written by you someday.
          All the best!!


you're one of my biggest inspiration to try and write stories. i've only ever read nerd in disguise and straight through the heart a few years ago, but those books impacted my decision to try and write stories that others could read and be inspired for themselves. thank you for all the dedication and hardwork you've put in all of your books :)


i thought nerd in disguise is taglish, u think I'm wrong hehe


@Regine_Casildo parang maganda pa naman sya kaso masakit na nga ulo ko sa midterms sasakit pa ata lalo roon