Plz nominate my story " Girl with a golden heart" in general fiction category of Magical awards 2020.


          I hope you are having a good day. I have started a book in fact my first book here in wattpad. It would mean the world to me if you could perhaps take a look into it. I hope if you do decide to give my book a chance perhaps it will give a few smiles and chuckles on the way. ☺
          Thanking you in advance❤


Hey hope you're doing well !! I just came to know you voted on some chapters of "Falling For Her". I hope the story isn't disappointing you & you're enjoying reading it. Do let me know your reviews through comments whenever you read further. Appreciative and constructive comments are accepted. Even feel free to let me know if something goes overboard in the story. Thank You.


@kou_holic hi. I have just started reading your story and i must say it is really going good. I am enjoying reading it.❤️


hey, you know "My heart belongs to you" is the first story i had read on Wattpad. At that time we sobbed like anything for ananya.. today me and my sister were talking and we suddenly remembered Karan... we love his character. and because of him i started liking the name karan. we again read some chapters of karan and ananya. I am writing this message because I wanted to tell you this story is close to my heart. and it will always remain close to my heart....


@MansiGiri8 Awww..thank you so much. You just made me day. Plz vote on all the chapters and plz read my another stories too. 


Hi there! My name's RIANNA and I would love to make some covers and/or banners for your books. If you're interested, hit me up at my cover shop 3.0 on my profile page♥️♥️♥️♥️


Hello   I am Beant Kaur Chauhan. l like and read you story .you are lovely author I request you please mahi ji tusi koi new story Anaya and armaan te lekho gaye my heart belongs to you tusi ne ne iss story ne love triangle si bahut 
          Beautiful si par mere favourite couple Anaya and armaan di tusi love story dekhei  hi nahi bas sirf best friend te uss story mai it really hurt ek vaare fer request hi hai please dono par lekho na story please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please


@beantchauhan thanks for your lovely message but plz vote on all the chapters of my story and I will surely consider your wish and write Ananya and Arman story in future.

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