Hello strangers. I have great news, well I think it's great anyway. TMIOMB is back up with a brand spanking new chapter to boot as well. Warning, its a very dark chapter. I'm finally back at home and it's the first time in a while i've managed to write something for this book i was remotely happy to post for you guys, and i would love it if you could read it and let me know what you think as i am extremely rusty. I've missed you all and as always, i love you a lot. Enjoy the new chapter and if the writers block to end all writers blocks is truly dead, then expect more chapters very soon.


@OceanBristow11 She's fine she's just taking care of her mental health


@makeandoffer  damn hope your okay cause your still not back,we need youuuu!


Thank you for writing such amazing stories. It really got me through a rough couple of years and I can’t express how much I loved your writing. Hope you come back and write more ❤️


I can’t find her Instagram anymore.  well I do hope she’s alright and just to let you know that your stories were amazing and I still read them wherever. I have been since 2015! Your stories are just amazing! You should publish them ❤️


Just something for all of you to have in mind - Anna is in her thirties now. The plausible simplification for her disappearance is that she doesn’t have time for Wattpad anymore. I’m talking from personal experience - we have similar audience and both of us became popular around the same time. Being kids when we started writing for the first time, we are adults now. We have other priorities, unfortunately. Not having time to write is understandable, and the platform is also not what it used to be. All I can hope for is that she is okay! That’s all that matters! 


I saw the trailer of Boo Bitch and thought of makeandoffer. A wave of nostalgia and my favourite book from my teens came into my mind and I wondered if Anna was involved in the making of this. 
          But then her wattpad looks like it hasn't been touched in years. What happened to her?


The book I'm writing is about a girl named Serena Kings. After her best friend dies, she vows to find out what happened to the sun, because three hundred years ago, it disappeared when the Goddess Alina died. Little does she know, Callum Graves is planning on finding out the truth too. Although they hate the fact, they need each other. Both of them contain the next keys and clues that are needed to find out what happened to the sun. During numerous murder attempts, the two of them unlock the secrets of the past. But, they learn to find out that some secrets are better off with the dead. 
          Please read! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do<33


@jenni3097 thank you soooo much omg !!


Oh no lol she answered a question i had about another book but i couldnt Find the thread @newsoul98


@__Spiked  If it had something to do with TMIOMB or something