Hey beautiful people, 
          	I'll start the last book of Althea hopefully soon (fingers crossed). If you haven't already read Castellanos, I highly recommend you to read at least the two bonus chapters at the end to understand the new book of Althea. Until then stay safe.


@MukeshMundhra yes it does! It kinda of tells a little bit about Aries (kind of after book 2 of Althea)


@milz0923 I didn't understand what you mean by the the last to bonus chapter does it contains something realated to Althea story can you elaborate it please


@milz0923 yay yay yay yay yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!


Hii there love, 
          U know ur series ALTHEA reminds me of a song called TILL FOREVER FALLS APART by ASHE. It's the perfect song for that book series.. 
          Thank you for writing the perfect book series to ever exist.. 


I just wanted to tell you that your stories entrapped my entire being and didn’t release me until the book ended. I am highly upset and amazed at how you words played with my hurt. But I can honestly say that your books have been upon the best reads that I have had in a long time. Looking forward to whatever you write next. 


Hey Mila, I just wanted to tell you that I am obsessed with your Althea trilogy series.
          Your books are amazing and intriguing ❤️❤️, I do hope you write more supernatural werewolves stories especially ones with alpha females. I was wondering if you write Mafia books too because I'd definitely read them.


Dear Mila 
          I just had tO say this tO yOu ..yOur writing skills are damn amazing girl.I lOve yOur writing. You are extremely talented please always write books..looking forward tO it nd a big THANK YOU fOr being a wattpad writer.
          My all time favourite is the 3 book trilogy ALTHEA...beautiful lOve story..I fell in love with your characters..yOu made that lOve story sad yet beautiful..write more stuff like this please. 
          Reading is my sanctuary. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN MILA..hugs nd kiSses