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Title: The Real Reed
          Author: @chantelle_styles
          Story description: "Harry, I-" I stutter, but I don't even know what to say.
          If only it were that easy to just forget everything.
          Things like that aren't just forgotten.
          How do I forget what my scars never fail to remind me of?
          "It's going to be okay. I'm here and I'm not going anywhere." He shushes me, pulling me to his bare torso and wrapping his arms tightly around me as he kisses my hair.
          Would you really? Be there? I want to ask.
          It's one thing we all are, but how so?
          He's different because he's Harry freaking Styles, singer, songwriter, ex-member of one direction.
          I'm different because I'
          So how different is different?
          Or are we all just differently different?
          Mood: Romantic, tense
          Main characters: Harry Styles, Jaylen Barron( as Reed), Sierra McClain (as Jaz), Viola Davis (as her), Trevor Jackson (as Po)
          Clips: scenes from one direction on tour (voice over of the guys and how they're going on a break), Harry introducing himself, Reed introducing herself timidly, Harry yelling at Reed that he wants her, Reed yelling that what they felt for each other wasn't real, Reed screaming and crying in her sleep, Harry comforting her, Po telling Reed that Harry is using her, Reed staring at herself in the mirror with a blank face, lots of eye contact from Harry, Reed never smiles and only wears white. Viola Davis( her/she )being degrading and cynical to Reed
          *Passionate contemporary song playing in the background* maybe a one direction sobg


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