hi! looking for something to read after binging an entire book in one sitting? if you're as big a fan of this author's works like "CC7" or its sequel "LJ10" as i am, then you'd love the wlw reading lists i have on my page! i appreciate moviegeek120's ability to create alluring plots and tying in strong wlw rep, so i've spent time to create collections of more stories like theirs (and if you haven't read those books i mentioned, you should read them!!)


@obsessednt title please?


Hello dear author. I really liked your story LJ10. I think that she is brilliant. Is it possible for me to translate this story into Russian? Thank you so much for the story once more. This fanfic is really stunning. The plot is very interesting, also very well described all the scenes, it is really amazing. I felt all the emotions you were describing there