Hello I am writing a fanfiction about two idols who are a part of the Boy Band BTS. It a boyxboy book about the ship Namjin. So if you ship them and like boyxboy books do give a read. The title of the book is "Fated To Love".
          Status: Ongoing
          'Why didn't I meet you before, I wouldn't have had to face all this!' to which his husband replied ' Patience my love, that is because we were fated to love this way.'

          It would mean a lot if you check it out :-)


Is that a mirror in your pocket? 
          Cuz I can see me in your pants
          Dare by @Tanniwintaebear


@Tanniewintaebear I'm fine thank you, what about you?


@Tanniewintaebear dare people more teeheee loll


Hey! It would mean a lot if you can check out my stories and maybe vote if you enjoyed it? Any feedback/comments are appreciated as I entered this contest! In return I’ll read ur stories and vote on them too!! ♥️♥️ If you need a book cover you can request too! I would love to make you one! 


@-luvpjm Aww! i'll check it out if i have time, rn irl problems are a big no! but thanks for reccommending me.