k so, I haven't been on this in a hot minute :/ sorry y'all!! I just want you to know I do see your notifications etc and I want to thank u for reading my stuffs and following me and talking to me i really appreciate it and love u all lots!! I have an idea for a new book, I just really haven't written it down? idk man, ive been pretty mia... sorry for that guys, love u tho♡


@mxnsuga Please could you carry on Fae in the future or do something like it?? It was really interesting x Also I loved 'I was wrong', 'Bang Bang' and 'Loosing you' They were really great.


@mxnsuga I fell in love with "I Was Wrong" 


Hello sweetie, how are you?!
          Without delay, I read your story description, Bang Bang and seriously, it caught my attention
          I entered the first chapter and increased my admiration for it!!
          can I translate it into Arabic and publish it on my personal page? with mentioning your rights of course!