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Hi all,
          	As some of you may have seen, I finally posted the next chapter of Luna Zahra.
          	There's so much I could say in regard to my very long absence, and I can already see that some of you were genuinely worried about me, so just know that I'm so sorry that I had to leave everyone hanging like that. This past year has been hell for me, quite frankly. Last fall, my husband lost his job, I got covid, and my dad was diagnosed with cancer all within a matter of months. My mental health has been complete shit on top of just being busy and stressed and overwhelmed with what life is now days living through a pandemic and working in healthcare, combined with other troubling aspects of my life that I won't get into. I don't say any of that for pity - I just say it as a reminder that I'm a real person with a real life and real problems. I'm not sure how many of my original readers are still around now, but if any of you are - thank you for your continued kindness and support. For those who are new, welcome and thank you as well! I'm not making any promises right now, but just know that my craving for writing is very strong at this point in time and I'm really wanting to throw myself back into my work as much as I can while managing my "real," everyday life. 
          	Thank you all again, and I hope you enjoy Chapter 20 of Luna Zahra.


@nicolevf14 Hope your feeling better and can't wait for what you have in store next xx


@nicolevf14 Hope that you’re better and I keep praying and wishing you the best… your stories are the incredible, and I’ve been reading them since the very beginning from my original account. I love them so much I have read them all multiple times. But you, your family and mental health are a priority so I hope for the best with everything you’re dealing with right now. I’m looking forward to hearing from you and everything getting better around you through your writing and messages… and even when things can go the other way around know that you have a support system in this community ✨


@nicolevf14  welcome back 
          	  I hope you are better now
          	  I'm an original reader and I waited I'll always check if you left any messages 
          	  Glad to know you are back