Hello people! 
          	I realize that a simple 'sorry' wouldn't suffice for being unresponsive for such a long period so I have a  surprise in store. I was editing my book the other day and suddenly an idea struck me. There are some mistakes in my book which after rectification can change the baseline of the story. 
          	So why edit it when I can rewrite it?
          	 Yes! I plan to revamp it completely while obviously keeping the story and the characters intact. 
          	So ping in your opinion about it:)


@notjustarandomperson can you please update 'The escape'?


@notjustarandomperson I'm okay only if I get the book


Hi... It's  Nandy here. Sorry for spamming your message board. I don't know whether you accept reading requests.
          This is my new story.. If you have time please give it try. Please let me know about your thoughts on the story and feel free to pin point my mistakes. 


Hello author. You've been MIA for so long already and i hope ur fine whatever it is that hr facing rn. I just want to let you know that im still waiting for you to finish the trap sequel so just go on with ur pace and remember that many people are still waiting for you and love ur story❤️❤️❤️❤️


Hii , I read your story trap which let me tell is amazing , the escape one is on hold not just recently it's been over two years since you last updated I read the whole story till your last chapter more than 25 times now , if you are going to continue or discontinue can you please inform us ? Because your story is amazing and we are still hoping that you'll continue , but if you are not going to continue ofcourse for some reason then please can you tell us ? We are waiting!


@R7061045025 Hey...I wanted to ask is '  the trap' is a good read? .... I mean is there happy and conclusive ending? Cause I don't wanna cry at the end ...