My name is Omer Arad. I'm Israeli, 33 years old, live in Tel Aviv Israel. Besides being a director of short silent films and an actor, I'm a writer of short and long stories. My favorite genres are science fiction, fantasy, super heroes mythologies, horror and mystery thrillers. My favorite writer is: Stephen King. I also fond of poetic romances and Shakespeare plays. When I write a new book or a short story I try to combine all these elements that I love so much about a fiction tale to create a fascinating story that will capture your minds and attract you to read more chapters. I hope you'll be engaged and inspired by my literary work here. I invite you to read, enjoy, comment, critic and discuss with me about my work to encourage me to improve myself and become a better writer for you guys:)  one year ago I began to work on a new menu script called: "Eliot Bedingfield the man with two heads." The main hero of the story are actually twins with two separate minds called: Eliot A and Eliot B, that are united in one body. In spite of all their differences, they function and sometimes even think just the same as one man does. They live in a complex dystopian world in the end of the 23 century. I thought it's a good start to begin sharing with you this story and even improve along the way my early menu script:) yours, Omer.
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Story by Omer Arad
Eliot Bedingfield the man with two heads by omeraradwriter
Eliot Bedingfield the man with two...
This is the fantastic story of Eliot Bedingfield. A remarkable individual with two heads- Eliot A and Eliot B...
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