hello <3 !! i took a mini break from writing because of school, but i'm excited to tell you all that i'm currently writing a new taehyung book called "Find me if you can." i hope all of you will like it !! the first chapter will be out sometime in june, and i promise i'll try to be active in publishing every chapter


@parkswonders that's amazing! 
          	  i'm a new follower <33 i will wait for your new book!
          	  i'm also a new writer so i had a request that if you could perhaps try reading my book if you can and lend me some advice? :)
          	  it'll be a pleasure and great help<3


@parkswonders yayyy we will look forward to your new book! pls don't push yourself, health comes first! <3


Just finished the " Hungry ghost festival " thank you for writing such interesting story I want more like that and ik that you are the one who can write any stories like that!!! and once again thank you so so much for the story ♡


hey im just write a story how to love yourself ...
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Hello guys! 
          I am a new writer and I just published the first chapter of my new BTS Jimin Fanfiction “Pretentious LOVE”
          I would love it if y’all could give it a read and provide feedback.
          Please do follow my account if you like the story and help me reach more people.
          New chapters coming soon!
          Hope you enjoy it.
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So I finished Hungry Ghost Festival rn and guess what, my mind=blown! It was one of the BESTEST pjm books I've read fr! Author have a terribly sexc brain tehehe. I'm more interested into spirit and mystery stuff thanks to you❣️.
          Also I was wondering, If jimin would'nt have died, what would have happened to their relationship after confession? I mean Ghost cant date a human c'mon 


thank you so much hehe !! im glad you enjoyed <3 and to answer your question, thats precisely why he died ;-)