Take care guys for i might not write for sometime. Some of you here already know that i have things to cope up with personally and this was my only solace.  And this being taken away so cruelly from me , i dont have nowhere to go. I m just not able to imagine happy faces of my darlings. So ot might take sometime. But i will definitely bring my Mullai back with her Kathir . So be strong everyone . Lets just be thankful to the universe for bringing that little butterfly in our lives . I thank PS team and all the actors for giving us our Mullai . Get well soon guys.


@princy_jhonny thank you for decide to bring back KM.  All of us needed our km.. I felt like only kmff writers can give them back.. take your time dear.. we are here to support u.. I'm sure I need KM because they're my addiction. And I'm really grateful to u. Take care dear..


@princy_jhonny take ur time and come back unga writings avlo pidikum nama km pathiyama avangalukkulle epadi love panipanganu unga writings kattum waiting take care