Kinda wanna write a mecha au
          	kinda wanna write a figure skating au
          	kinda have to finish target 44 of UDDUP


Hey. I just realized your book ‘Until Death Do Us Part’ is similar to Metamorcy’s book ‘Contract’ on Ff. 
          Like it’s too similar. I don’t know when you started the book but Metamorcy started it in 2012. You haven’t even been on Wattpad that long so that points to either you are Metamorcy under another name or you’re plagiarizing. Which is illegal. Just an FYI. 


Just be careful. You might get some people bashing you if they’ve read both yours and Metamorcy’s. The outline of your plot is very similar to theirs. I do love ‘Until Death Do Us Part’ so thank you for writing it ❤️ 


@Song_ZhiXue really? What's the parts that are similar? (I haven't read either of the books yet) 


          I am looking for this book.
          It was about a student in college( a girl) and she had this crush on her teacher (I think the subject was archeology or geopraphy) that's the reason she dropped out of the class.
          At a family party she hit on him, and he rejected her.
          So her best friend was still in that class, and that class was going on a dig somewhere. But her best friend would only go if she went.  So the father of her best friend pulled some strings so she would be able to come along. 
          I remember that on the dig she was very excluded and had to go places with a bike, and that she became friends with the people at the hotel and stuff.
          And of course you had the sort of romance between this teacher and her.
          Anyone know the title?


I did not expect for UDDUP to be this long so u guys will have to bear with me
          how do you feel about UDDUP having 50/60+ chapters????


@_parkbell_ yay yes please well it seems lady lck is on our side ye hey


@_parkbell_ a blessing? O.O it's a blessing