🥀they call me nunsy or nunster

🥀My bias? Does such a thing exist in Bangtan???

🥀Multishipper 🌟👄🌟 but Jikook is my otp hehe

🥀I normally don't read y/n books but we'll see :3

🥀My reading lists have some really good books written by amazing authors! You should read them and don't worry all the books are completed 💜💜💜

🥀 STAB- I mean... STAN YOONJI FOR CLEAR SKIN (☞ ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)☞

🥀I'm a pure soul😌


*clears throat*

🥀If I say you're cute, I'm not tryna flirt .I genuinely mean it. I tend to call everything cute; at least that's what some people say. So if I say you're cute just accept the fact cuz you can't change my mind😤

🥀I'm a proud supporter of messy hair and baggy clothes 🤩

🥀I'm a $1ut for sleep and a h03 for food🌝

🥀Pineapple on pizza is amazing. Call me abnormal but that's the truth ☺️

🥀Aaaaand.... mint choco IS DELICIOUS! FITE ME 🤺🤺🤺

🥀If you want to dm me.. you can! I will talk to you about anything :3
BUTT🍑 sometimes I get awkward or type a lot so.....beware I guess😃

🥀I don't run away from my problems. I get on my bed, hide inside my blanket, read wattpad and ignore them.

🥀Oh and did you know swag means 'secretly we are gay'...?

U didn't ? Well now you do😗

*hums expensive girl*

Why are you still stalking me? 🤺🤺

Anyways since you're here go follow my twitter: @rrrapnunster
(Yea- it's the same username. What don't look at me 🗿 couldn't think of anything better 🤷‍♀️)

You still here?

Go back and do the dishes before your mama comes and whoops yo a$$ smh😒


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