coming back from my hiatus to say happy jily death day ✨✨✨
          	don’t get too shitfaced, stay safe, drink water, ily 
          	see you soon i promise <3


< you 3
          since i made this account i always looked up to your because you had lots of mutuals and seemed so cool and shi and i ordered firm your theme shops and everything and it’s so refreshing to now have grown my account a little bit and made my own friends on this app to know you’re just a normal wp user :sob:
          but ilysm take care raven! 


hello everyone! i’m alive! 
          this is a small update to my conditions but i am now fully recovered from my concussion, thank you to all those who checked in with me, i saw all of it and i’m sorry for not responding <3
          however, i will be continuing my hiatus due to a lot of issues going on in my life and my emotional state is not the greatest right now so for the moment, i won’t be updating anything. 
          i’ll still linger and answer any questions, but for now, stay safe and healthy, i love all of you 


( @s-solstice ) glad you’ve recovered and i hope you feel better soon , no pressure to come back and take as much time as u need <3


( @s-solstice ) hope u feel better soon ml we will wait for u <3