*my account is a mess. If you're looking for something fantastic to read, the only thing that I've written that I actually endorse reading is my book of short horror stories.  I haven't written in a while and may not continue to for a while...

Hi. I'm seventeen. I'm female and lesbian. I'm also an undiagnosed non-purging bulimic. In simple terms, I eat too fucking much and try to make up for it by fasting or restricting my diet. In other words, I'm a failure. Apparently I'm not anorexic because I'm not underweight. Hello. Nice to meet you.

I'm a shy person and can therefore write better than I can talk, but I'm really thankful if you've followed me!!

Basically about every week I get super freaking depressed and usually I only come here if that happens.

Music I like:
Get Scared
Dead Poetic
Marilyn Manson
Breaking Benjamin
Amanda Palmer (crushing)
La Roux (also crushing)
Ted Leo
Butterfly Boucher (and the crush goes on)
Within Temptation
Fiona Apple
Bright Eyes
Linkin Park
*current favorite* Mother Mother (singular straight crush)

Books I like:
-The Book Thief
-The Ocean at the End of the Lane
-Blue World
-American Gods
-Dandelion Wine

-Gangsta Rap. I'm okay with some forms of rap but I haven't really explored it.

-Welcome to Night Vale, a Podcast
-@SkyGirlRose , a best friend
-Mileschronicles, a Youtuber
-Dave Chawner, a comedian
-Neil Gaiman, an author
-Ray Bradbury, an author
-Robert McCammon, an author
-incense and smelly candles :3
-Jack Skellington

I ship Lena and Julia but only if they're teens.
cause Carlos's hair is perfect and Cecil knows it.
  • lying in my bed feeling sick to my stomach and regretting all of my life choices
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My friends are playing a game called "Let's eat the grossest stuff and try not to throw up"yeah wow this is great
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