That awkward moment when you accidentally publish a chapter......


          	  Trust you're good?
          	   I still haven't gotten any reply from you yet. You can check your messages and do me a reply. Thank you.


          You're stronger than you think 
          Yes that's right you are strong and enough that's why I love you because you have decided to stand strong and tall
          Thank you for standing strong and I love you


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Hey dearie ! Hope you are having good day ❤️
          If you have time and you are into genres like 'Werewolf', 'Romance' and 'supernatural' etc. Can you please check out this story.
          Here's link :
          I assure you that you will love what you gonna read <3 and support is strictly appreciated
          Thanks for support ❤️❤️


I've already added it to my library, thanks for the recommendation ;)


@Cheeky_Aphrodite I'll be sure to check it out


You asked crazysboutbabys if they ever continue books.
          The answer is no, I’ve been following them for a while now, and they just post very similar books with confusing super long names in them and the characters are always a high rank. 
          When I followed them a few months ago they had 163 books, now they have 300+
          I don’t advise continuing to try and read their books as they have ,any grammar mistakes and often don’t make sense, they never continue either.
          This is not a hate comment either :) I’m just letting you know the truth about it


@RoosterWind Oh wow, thanks a lot for the info. I was really curious as to why I always had so many new book updates from that account and I wanted to know if the person ever actually continued one of them. That's good to know, thank you. And thanks for the follow!!!!