Hey guys. I know I haven't updated in nearly a year (again) and I'm so sorry for that. Just had a lot going on. But expect a new update for The Blessed Wolf within the next couple days if not today. 


@shyloner2000 Ohhhhhhhhh, I am SO excited to hear that! I love that story! 


Hi author, hope you’re doing well and living your best life. As a fan of the blessed wolf story you’ve got going I do hope you update it to completion at some point. As a fellow author I understand taking your time, though if you’re setting it aside for any reason a quick note to that effect would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for sharing your delightful creativity, it’s a beautiful gift.


Hi I'm just wondering when you will be posting an update on ur book blessed wolfs rejection as I absolutely hooked from page one . I know ur probably busy with other books but I am dying to know what happens in the book 


Greetings author,
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