Hey, Internet!

I was bitten by the book bug at an early age, and the effects appear to be permanent. I cannot exist without books. Literally.

I like writing, but I have chronic Unfinished Syndrome. I start several stories at the same time and rarely ever finish even one. It's not from a lack of focus, more like the magic dies out. I think. Gah, I bet it's lack of focus.

Also, I love chocolate chip cookies, and I will do everything short of committing murder for them.

The number of finished stories I've written can be counted upon one hand. Which is why I love blogging. It's quick, it's fun, and I get to read weird comments. When I first started reading on Wattpad, it was really, really hard to find books worth reading, so I started reviewing the good stuff. So if you're looking for something fun, you know where to go.

Moony :D
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