Rest in Peace, Stan Lee. 
          	Thank you for being so inspiring. Thank you for bringing so much joy into the world. Thank you for all those amazing stories you gave us. Thank you from all of us. 
          	You will be missed.


i have all the same fandoms, except legends of tomorrow, being human, the hundred, game of thrones, maze runner, and torchwood.
          i’m going to watch torchwood eventually… gonna finish a weird ass anime and doctor who first. although reversed order.


Your such an amazing writer!! I’ve started writing my own book and just wanted some advice on how I should promote it and get people to read it? It’s about the gladers and after the death cure. I don’t know how to get people to read it though :((( what do I do?


I want to say that your fanfiction on newt was highly commendable. I love your language and the way you built the story. From the first sentence, I knew that your story was not just a story but a journey I was getting stuck in. Your writing reminds me of my writing when I have these sparks of ideas and its the best chapter. 
          Keep up the good work. 


Thanks for adding 'Daughter of Mirkwood' to your reading list! I hope you love it. Don't forget to leave some votes if you do and I'd love to hear what you think in the comments! 
          And if you're interested, I do also have a second Lord of the Rings story from the same series called "Daughter of Rohan". 
          Thanks again, and I’m excited to hear from you!! 
          Happy Reading!