Obnoxious Wrongful Immoral Sinful Despicable Heinous Fiendish Vicious Malicious Shady Awful Horrible Sickening Obscene Dreadful Unpleasant Evil Odious Loathsome Repulsive Repugnant Gross Noxious Appalling Distasteful Revolting Abominable Horrid Abhorrent Scandalous Nauseating Trrible Repellent Undesirable Gruesome Horrendous Horrific Nauseous Noisome Foul Disturbing Vile Rancid Hateful Fulsome Repellant Uwanted Objectionable Disagreeable Monstrous Miserable Detestable Contemptible Despicable Horrifying Grim Unhealthy Heinous Sick Dislikeable Unwholesome Insavory Brackish Atrocious Ghastly Uncivilized Sickly Execrable Nightmarish Barbarous Unspeakable Lurid Frightful Grisly Macabre Unholy Off-putting Unchristian Sickish Distressing Grewsome.. Honest Funny.. Protects the turtles 😊🩷🫶🏻🌷☺️
  • Metaphorically Speaking Incubus, Mila ( @sinucid )’s Younger Cutie Patootie Brother 🩷🌷
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sinucigas sinucigas Sep 21, 2023 03:05AM
* unfortunately i’ve woke up and i’m feeling feisty, brace yourselves. 
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