I want to write... I just don't know what. 
          	Happy Holidays all of you!


@sparklingjin I understand how you are feeling. Don’t feel pressured by all of us; do what you think is best and what makes you happiest. 


Happy holidayss


@sparklingjin blood diamond please. I've been waiting relentlessly 


Typically I lurk. Just a reader that doesn't really engage. However. TTS has ripped me to shreds in the best way possible.  I'm literally speechless. Beautifully written masterpiece. Well done. Thank you for this absolute work of art. 


I just finished reading "A Court of Embers" and...I may or may have not binged it overnight.
          Thank you for creating a world for readers like me to escape to. The adventure was amazing. It took me away. (writing this makes me feel like we're friends >< )
          From one friendly stranger to another, I sincerely hope you're doing well. I hope to read more of your creations, to travel into your stories.
          May your days be inspiring and worthwhile :) Rooting for you!
          - rowsie


Hey Milan 
          I just finished TTS .....i am not going to write more about the book because of i start i will not stop. But it's i will say it's the best thing I have read in a long time. 
          What I really want to ask is are you fine ??
          How are you i have seen that almost all the books were last updated in end of 2020 what happened to you?
          I am not asking for updates i am genuinely concerned about you after reading TTS till the end i kind off fell connected to you (~thats your magic. The one you possess ) what i want to say is i want to know you more if is a writers block i wast to help if you don't want to come to Wattpad ever again that's fine too .
          I really want to get to know you or maybe help in some way 
          If you do read this 
          @sparkling_star_shine in my ig username
          And i am just a DM away 
          ~ someone rooting for you the way you said you are rooting for us