hello,, i decided to completely restart on a new account! ive moved to @viriwon! ill be writing a lot more often! 


   dear lovely stranger ,
          let me introduce myself. my name is yamilet but i’d prefer yami :D i hope you and your loved ones are doing well !! i know it is a hard time right now but remember good is to come soon !! take good care of yourself and think positive thoughts, you don’t need negativity or anyone to bring you down in life ! stay safe and smile, it makes the world better when you smile <333 here is some love for you !! 


@yuirity thank you !! <33


Hay kakak... 
          Aku boleh ganggu sebentar nggak nih? Maaf ya, hehe. 
          Cuma mau ngasih tahu nih yiracessweetz punya fanfict baru. Mungkin kalau kakak seorang STAY, atau sekedar suka Stray Kids terutama Lee Know, bolehlah mampir.. 
          Bisa langsung klik ya kak jika berkenan, atau langsung cek reading list aku. Makasihhhhhhh....❤