This user don't really wanna try keeping an aesthetic profile like most of the others- no judgements-
Ma name is Asma not aasma nor aasman nor asthma :)
Better wish me on November 12 :)
A loner with no friends irl :)
Don't promote books I'm not interested-
あたたたたた ずっきゅん!
わたたたたた どっきゅん! -babymetal 2k14
Yt music playlist :P
hyunSUK and jiHOON>>totally not biased-
This user hates lying and liars : )
This users bias is jihoon :P
Insta: @/asmaisakitten follow if you want to see my drawings and art and want to be my fWEinD don't follow if you don't want to :) I'm asking to follow cause it's a private acc- : )
sHhH tReasURe-Choi Hyunsuk 2020
If you are my friend and you start to dislike me do say it before
Mein ek sherni hoon kuch zyada anger issues ke saath aur yeh ek phase nahi hai-
My name is Asma- Asma ki jawani I'm too sexy (shitty) for you-
From north india but lives in qatar-
Mere india ko bura kaha toh dishoom :P
I speak urdu, hindi, english, russian, arabic
Sukhoon>>>your dead grandparents
South indian movies lover especially tamil and telugu movies
an iconic video marked in indian's lifetime https://youtu.be/xg6EBFQT_d8
Dm me if you love dark humor
This user is a metal head and her aesthetic is pastel gore
Stream these songs cause their iconic no one can change my mind thx
https://youtu.be/6EznxK-0Uwo definition of perfect.
https://youtu.be/CipN0PXnAZQ no words just magnificent.
https://youtu.be/cLIQzxgFeNE perfect song for navratri-
https://youtu.be/Jh_VKJAEnUY perfect song for navratri {2}
https://youtu.be/Q89PN8bcrHg best movie ost you can't argue-
~~https://youtu.be/JKueG7SnuWk if you're indian show this song to your parents and they'll have nostalgia :)
https://youtu.be/TI7RQO2cuh0 if this song isn't played in your wedding then you've ruined your life-

The jokes which I made above are just jokes please don't take it seriously :''D

꧁ȶɦǟռӄֆ ʄօʀ ʋɨֆɨȶɨռɢ ʍʏ ʀօȶȶɨռɢ ƈօʀքֆɛ.꧂
  • Doha,Qatar also I'm rotting in the grave with your dead grandma
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