Guess who is back!? 
          	lol, am back after so longgg!!
          	I hope you guys are doing good!!
          	am sorry to the people, whose texts I didn't respond to, sorry!!❤✨
          	hehe, lemme text  my peoplee:)
          	takee careee❤✨


@sushDRDZ welcome back darlinggg
          	  missed uu



Hey dear ✨
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Hey darling!
          Hope you are doing well
          Sorry for spamming your account
          If you are looking for something romantic and strong female character
          Please do try the one, it's an Indian army love story
          Please do try, if time permits you and share it with your friends


heyyy deariess!!
          Am back for a little time ig, hehe
          I hope you guys are doing good?
          ik ik most of us are having exams, or gonna have them soon, soo all the best for it. 
          ❤Am just here to tell you guys about a book of some of the most beautiful and heart touching poems by @omar-gxd
          The way he writes the poem is sooo amazingg, believe me, you guyss are gonna love it❤✨
          here goes the link of the book:
          Pleasee pleasee do check this out, I can promise you, it'll be worth your time:)
          Stay safe and happy dearies!!❤
          Till the next time..lots of love✨


hey dearies!!
          Am just here to inform that am leaving wattpad for a few days due to some reasons. And am sorry to the ones to whose message I couldn't reply, am really sorry. It's just that , am feeling really low nowadays, and exams are approaching. 
          Take care everyone✨
          Looking forward to coming back on wattpad soon:)
          Lots of Love✨


Hope the exams go well 


@sushDRDZ  all the best
            This shall pass too
             U will return with a new zeal


Hey bestie! I'm a huge darshaner too! I mean I literally have a crush on him since an year or so! Me and two of my friends we had practically created a group where we rambled about Darshan all the time or whatever!
          Sorry for rambling, lmaoo!


@-khairiyat hey bestiee!
            first of all no need to say sorry! And am glad to know that I got another friend with whom I can ramble about Darshan all the time;)
            And we have things similar between us, like loving Slytherin and being a Potterhead ;) And Darshan is soo cute. Looking forward to being friends with you <3


I Am devasted to know that Pt. Birju Maharaj Ji is so more with us.
          He was always an inspiration for the dancer inside me and always will be. We have lost a gem today. We people will never forget your contribution to Kathak. You were such a good person, I wish I could meet you. It was always been my dream to meet you, am sure it's a dream of every dancer. 
          May your soul rest in peace Maharaj Ji.
          OM SHANTI!


@sushDRDZ can understand your pain dear..
            Rip birju maharaj ji 
            Hope he is at a better place...