Just finally updated my phone Home Screen to make it look aesthetic. Almost a year late but hey, it was worth it. 


Hello sorry for inconvenience but would you like to check out my first ever book I am a new and young writer with a lot of flaws but I would love to have your opinion on my book thnk u for reading my message


I have no idea how on earth did you find me but YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for reading and voting Entwined ♡ I hope you’ll have amazing day cos you just made mine!!  It’s my baby and I really appreciate your support cos I know how it feels like to have none ♡    
          P.s. The second book Enamoured and spinoff Engulfed are available on Wattpad! ♡ 
          P.p.s. Your dp is really inspiring ♡ 


omg i literally just saw this!  omg thank you so much! i remember that i loved that book! and i feel so flattered now since you have so many followers and your books have so many reads!