I woke up to.... SNOW EVERYWHERE!!! I can’t even get out of my house and I’m sooo happy because it’s so cozyyyy!!!!!


Hey there! I have been writting a story called 'The Lost Souls'. It's centralised on human emotions and feelings. It has ups and downs and twist and turns. I would really appreciate it if have a look at it and give me a review on how the story is turning out since you have read so many stories. It is my first book and I honestly don't know how it is turning out. You can find the story when you click on my ID. I know that you know how to find my story but anyways. Would love to hear what you think about the characters.


I've soon read 200 stories on Wattpad!!! So I would really appreciate it if you guys could give me some book recommendations because I have a hard time finding anything...


@theweirdkind could you check out my book Dysmorphia?