Hey i loved your fantastic beast book....the story you made is very beautiful...i really hope to see what you are going to do for fantastic beast the secrets of Dumbledore.....and i know that you'll do an amazing job....love ya


Heyyo, I've read your Net Scamander story and it's so good. The movie released last April 15 and I just watched it last night, it was so good. I wanna know when will u update Newt Scamander story?


Will you do Book 2 of The Newt Scamander Story???


            Hi, I'm hoping that your OC will do end up with Newt because I'd rather want them to be together than Tina 


@NotRenee2 hi!
            i will be continuing Part 3 of Tales of the Fantastic when the next movie comes out~
            hopefully thats sooner rather than later (✿◠‿◠)  <3 <3