writing was my hobby for many years, but sadly, i've officially lost interest in it. my new obsession is to draw pretty boys which (unfortunately) do not exist in real life. i like to draw them shirtless, with messy hair and a nice butt. i like to draw pretty girls too. and many other pretty people as well. 
          	i don't know when i will have the motivation to write again, even when i've already planned the entire plot of 3AM from start. it is an extremely tragic and heartbreaking story to begin with as many lives will be sacrificed in the end, including our favourite ones. but do not keep waiting for an update as it might not happen any time. 
          	i will occasionally stop by to smile at the nice comments u give, as well as to watch out for brainless plagiarizers. many of my friends have left this platform already, but they are a few who still stayed. i'd love to keep in touch w them still. and this goes same to my readers who supported me and my stories.
          	i hope u understand that i now rather pick up a pencil and sketch an ahegao face instead of typing out words and finding synonyms 
          	jenna ☆


@ttaecci the book 3AM was def my fav story of all time, i panicked when i didnt saw it in my library huhu


WHY THE HELL DID I JUST KNOW NOW THAT YOU UNPUBLISHED YOUR WORKSS please bring back descendants I remember I always wait for new chapters and get so excited,and 3AM was so thrilling it was really gooddd. I read from your post that 3AM will be a tragic ending but I probably won't mind because I know the story was good anyway it's your choice and thank you for being one of bangpink authors that gave justice to our imaginations


I came back and searched all over the wattpad to find descendants but couldn't, fortunately in a book of recommendations I found descendants but when I saw it I was hugely disappointed to know that you deleted it. It was one book which I personally could relate to and cherished it. I respect your decision. But can you please bring that book back cuz I really really like that book. Please.


Sorry gurlll but after a lot of thoughts Imma 
          unfollow you because one, it hurts seeing your profile empty and two, your books was the very reason i followed you and now that it's gone ‍♀️
          i mean sure- call me mean but really,
          it was a pleasure getting to share a fantasy, an alternate reality with you..
          with much love 


Hi i dont really want to disrespect you though but you are planning to bring back "the descendants" that would be so lovely! I've been missing it actually and this is my first time coming back in wattpad beacuse of that story (believe me or not, it really is kekekek) enjoy your day unnie


Okay so hear me out . . .
          I was planning to re-read one of the first
          and fave book that I've discovered wattpad
          when I saw that it was unpublished-
          Why'd you unpublished your books?