Hi I'm Artemis I'm pan, ace flux, hyper sexual, polygamous and non binary I use mirror pronouns (I use the same pronouns as the person I'm talking to) I'm a child or Apollo/Eris (I've gotten those two the most)  I love Leo and Piper. I am in love with pjo/hoo/toa/MC/kc and all that. We stan Hazel in this house and we don't hate on characters (unless they deserve it like octavion) we love the ALL the seven we love Reyna and camp jupider and camp half blood are equals! Selina was a hero. Luke was not and was at the same time (he did a lot of bad things that can't be excused)  frank is a Good character. Calypso is a good character you don't have to like her just don't make her a female dog in fics
  • crying to leo fan fiction while listening my sad playlist or pjo musical
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Story by artemis well
Apollo x reader (6 Parts+bonus) (Greek Mythology) by valdez_luver
Apollo x reader (6 Parts+bonus) (G...
this is my first story so go easy on me I'm not the fastest writer.
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