The third prompt for The Litterateur's Prompt Contest is now out! Forms are open for prompt three for the next week. If you signed up for continuous participant, there is no need to sign up again as we have you in our lists. 
          	Welcome to The Littérateur's Prompt Contest! Are you having a bit of writer's block? Are you tired of writing your current wip? Here, you can take a quick break and fuel your creativity by trying something new!
          	This is where we will be running short and sweet prompt contests biweekly. There are loads of amazing prizes just for participating, so come in and check it out! These prizes include points to be exchanged for prizes in Phoenicia's Points Shop. A lot of people have asked us how they can earn points to be used there, and here's your answer! By participating in our prompt contest, you can earn points that can be banked for as long as you're participating. See the book for more details. 



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          I thought I’d pass by and leave a reminder incase you need it :) ♥️
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