Deathlily is true love. Never forget that.

Boys drool, literally #ConvertingToLesbianese

I ship Lilfyre

22 years of age~
Oct. 18, 2000~
Feel free to PM me~

My mains:
•Emberstorm, Rosethorn, and Rowanwhisper
•Redshadow and Lionstep

/\___/\ If you love Warriors,
(---W----) put this on
\---A---/ your Profile.

Normal people: Name their cats after movie stars
Warriors Fans: Name their cats after warriors
Normal people: Call them kittens
Warriors Fans: Call them kits
Normal people: Say,He's bald!
Warriors Fans: Say,It's Rock!
Normal people: Think that cool powers are telekenesis or flying
Warriors Fans: Think that super senses, Dream walking, and invincibility are better
Normal people: would call warrior fans insane nerds.
Warriors Fans: Would take that as a compliment.
Normal People: Play catch
Warrior Fans: Play mossball
Normal People: Think that clans of cats are insane
Warrior Fans: Wish they could be in a clan
Normal People: Call them inches, feet, yards, and meters
Warrior Fans: Call them mouselengths, taillengths, foxlengths, and treelengths
Normal People: Wouldn't put this on their profile
Warrior Fans: Are copying and pasting right now.

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Maybe this is TMI..... but my cat keeps trying to get my breastmilk...its really weird and disturbing. He will lick my pump parts before they've been cleaned, same with my guards, He has stolen used...
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