Welcome to my prof!

So, first thing that you have to know about me is...
Especially, those historical romances, with erotica. I would die without them.

Secondly, I'm a nerd. AND I'M PROUD OF IT!


Fourthly, I'm friendly[?]

Fifthly, I collect wattpad books, or any other books. But sorry, I don't sell them. Hehe.

Sixthly, I got bored about something immediately. (Example: I really want a piano keyboard so I bought one, then after a month, I got bored. So I stopped. Aww, poor money and piano. All wasted.)

Seventhly, I love my friends. (Credits to Yana, Janell & Nina,, and the NONES! MWA! ;*)

Eighthly, I love kpop, anime, dancing, reading, watching movies and WATTPAD! I'm always active here every one hour of every day.

Ninthly, I love abs. LOL. Especially, Taylor Lautner's and Jamie Dornan's. OMG, they make me drool!

Tenthly, I love Sungjae and Alex Pettyfer. So, BACK OFF!

Book recommendation! Try this:
~Black dagger brotherhood series (Oh I effing love this)
~Fifty shades series (my fave)
~Skuldugerry pleasant series
~House of night series
~The mortal instrument series
~The Infernal devices series
~The immortals after dark
~The selection series
~The crossfire series

Thanks for reading!

My Quote:
"Challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful." - Joshua J. Marine
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