In case you missed it, you can read My Bad Boy Neighbor on Radish:


please bring back spring break 


Even though I'm kinda sad Entangled isn't on wattpad now, but I'll be definitely rooting for the published version-! The story was crazy, I miss November. 


Hello author!! I was just wondering on how you were doing :) and that i hope you are not under too much stress in this world! I just wanted to say I love your books and hope that i get to read entangled soon . No rush though! I know writing and editing can be stressful and its okay to take breaks. Hope you are doing well ! ❤️


I came back to your profile while looking through my following and i cannot believe the mass amount of disrespect your receiving for simply taking down books. I my self really enjoyed entangled but I grew to cope with the fact you took it down for your own reasons. I’m in utter shock at the disgusting things people are saying.


Your new theme is ICONIC - I love it!!! That has got to be one of the best - if not the best - scene from Pride & Prejudice ❤️


Guys please be careful with your words. I know you’ve enjoyed her books but she is a human, a writer after all. 
          Mariana has placed HOURS into her books and telling her that the likes and votes, is in vain because she took her books off is not right. 
          She spent HOURS writing, a FREE book. I will not debate that. She took Entangled off the program so others like myself could read a free book. 
          But with everything, it comes at a cost for many authors. We are students, we are workers, we are everyday people who unfortunately get really upset when a company steals our work. 
          Mariana has done the same. I know she’s appreciative of all of the readership. She has said so in previous comments (look below) but please stop ‘bashing’ her. Im using the word lightly. 
          If you scroll down, you can see that she’s explained everything. She has explained what happened to her books. 
          So please, wait and be patient. If you’ve read a book once. It’s okay. 
          Just be courteous!  


@thisgirl365 thank you! I hope everyone realises this. We have to give her some time!


@huntressafterdark couldn't have said it better myself


Did you delete Entangled?
          Why did you,it was like the best book ever


Author, I think its rude to take down your books like that cause afterall we were the peeps who supported you when you were writing your books, showered your books with votes, comments and lots of love. So I am sorry, but Ik that there are lot of people here who plagiarize and all but the majority of the people are your readers and they love your books :(


That is the most back handed thing ever