lust is under revision.
          	thank you for understanding.


@yeolimerent waiting for luts too...thats my fav ff ever... i hope u reuplead it soon... been missing it huhuu


@yeolimerent  OMG!!!!!! My heart was almost broken... I already cried when i saw that lust wasn't in my favouritelist anymore!!
          	  I thought it was deleted 


@yeolimerent we will be waiting for it ehehehhe 


You are one of the reasons and probably one of my favorite exo authors ❤️ Thank you for existing and writing authornim ‍♀️ I hope you're doing well and can't wait for you to start writing again! Your stories have cured my boredom and one of the reasons why I survived pandemic, haha! Hope you're having a great day and rooting for you always! 


Hi authornim? I don't know where to contact you except here on wattpad since you closed your twitter already. I know you're busy since you're in med school, right? I hope you haven't forgotten your password here.  Revising LUST might be taxing to your already busy schedule, if it's okay, may I asked for the original copy, authornim? No, disrespect intended on this message po. It's just that your aus are my comfort aus and I miss reading the first book of SDS. 


@iambornsassy I would love to have the original copy 


Hello, my beloved authornim. First of all many many happy returns of the day. Happy Birthday ❤❤❤. I hope and pray you have a great year ahead and spend time with your loved ones doing things that you find joy in. Have a blessed time as always. 
                                                  Lots of love.