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1. Fantasy-historical story revolving a magical diary connecting two long-lost comrades(?). The MC's return and her mysterious past catching up to her.

Keywords: action, comedy, mystery, pain, a cool mischievous female protagonist and her Ananas

2. Modern BL story that is dark and twisted. Kidnapped saving his best friend, the bright MC was tortured by a thug clown. The him before could no longer be seen. Filled with guilt and self-blame and something else, his best friend promised to be his eyes, legs, arms...everything.

Keywords: psychological, thriller, yakuza, tragedy, manipulation, possessive, obsessive, revenge, slice-of-life(?)

Who am I? Please just forget my old identity. I'm too embarrassed. My main name has left too many traces.
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Story by Yuje | 유제
Lost Butterfly by yujexroo
Lost Butterfly
Cheong Hea woke up in a hospital with no memories. The door opened, revealing a handsome but haggard man-a ma...
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